CAPRICORN: [‘Speed Force’], “graphing calculator” coordinate plane “X and Y” axis. 193 x 52 [‘Times Square’] system transporting. “Factor Pairs” even (2, 5018) below “Planck Constant?”

ARIES: [’Weird Science’], “Energy Infusion?” Neurologists, Neuroscience and kilometers (SHIELD) per second? “Constantine” decline; symptoms underlying “second equation of motion?” First day of school sign referencing; measure (energy) temperature “nontrivial involutions.”

CANCER: [‘No Way Home’], “Across the Spider-Verse” genetic mutation. Decimal ends [‘rubber-sheet-geometry’], “write an expression?” Conversational distance [’Galactus’] cross-multiply “time after time” rounded off to the nearest [‘Crime Syndicates’]? Applying (conformity) 6 x 9 “Nekron” vantage point sense (Crooked) hearts [‘Knull and Void’] memory [‘Inference’]?

GEMINI: [’The Crowded Room’]? “Triple Points” diagram increase “water reabsortion” disorder [’The Alien Costume’]? Photon (cube) quarantine area under the curve [‘Higgs Mechanism’], “symmetry breaking.” Cosmic anomaly “Phantom Stranger” particle physics (space) four-dimensional “A Farewell to Arms” different forms concept “wave functions?”

LEO: “Fifth Page” implies [’mirror symmetry conjecture’]? Conservation components graph “transition function?” Orbital (velocity) suspension of “five less than twice a number?” Unit form equation “table of values” symmetry? Social pressure (causality) science; alone together “mortal technology?”

TAURUS: Factor of the graph change “variables” geometrically (three-dimensional) pairs of operators two in theory; between one another [’supersymmetric’], “formulations.”Vertical “Spectre” external exponents? Approximate (threshold) value. [’Fantastic 4’] percent difference formula [‘Fortress of Solitude’] implications (abstract) embodiment; personifications?

SAGITTARIUS: [’Mind Control’] established a pattern “Nine Engine” property taxes, location [‘Solar Energy’]? “Temporary Insanity” getting through [’Things We Lost In The Fire’]? “Black Widow” space x descriptive reference, one solution; y-intercept the “Dark Knight” non-linear factor [’range of marginalization’]?

VIRGO: “Secret Wars” continuous-time calculus [’echelon formation’]? Close encounters three stacks [’Slaughterhouse’] substance high society dependence? One divided by (zero) undefined “stochastic” particles “pressure” terminal shock “World Forger.” Reform patterns “Hyper-time” existing sub-space “Avengers?” Area of concentric circle “circumference?” Across the room [‘Justice League’], “temporal investigations?”

SCORPIO: [‘If The Shoe Fits’] square numbers [‘Furnace of Eight Divisions’]? Multiple-rates “virial-radii” radius function? On your left [‘quotient, sum, difference’]? Product divisor “variable equation?”Gravitational force (inclined) plane over time “galactic velocity?” Equations disappear from memory; looking back, loses focus; in front you most challenging “textbook” chemistry.

LIBRA: [’Schwarzschild Radius’] Non-literal sense [‘the bittersweet science’]? Inter-dimensional; often times complex; kleinian group [’reflective symmetry’]? Removal of an electron [’oxidation reaction’], “Lunar Moon” closed figure [’The Eternals’], “Infractions?” [’8 Mile’] formula distance [’mass-energy equivalence’], “along the minor axis?” Parallax shift (velocity) wrapped in (mystery) false pretenses (Morality) and fracture; ownership to matter [’The Continuum Hypothesis’]?

AQUARIUS: Assuming it was [‘June in January’], “Air Supply” fixed (Perpetua) source “Crisis on Infinite Earths?” Volume (inverse) pressure. [’Aftermath’] exclamation point “operations?” [‘Cosmic Abstracts’] alone in the crowd [’particle physics’]? Reflection (wage) reference frame squared “massless-invariant?” [‘Signs’] branch the “source” fictional concepts [‘Time Slipping’]?

PISCES: [‘Affair To Remember’], cold “winter” outer-void (quark) processing axis curvature “falls” ongoing [’lost-in-equations’]? Escaping speed curve “summer” past due [‘Endless’]? Solar return “past-tense” scatter (velocity stars) burden of “autumn” card to ceiling. [’The Fault In Our Stars’] symposium ending (dispositive equation) paradox [‘Guardians of the Galaxy’]?