ARIES: According to [‘THE ESTABLISHMENT’] our own [‘POLITICAL CIRCUS’] duopoly?

CAPRICORN: Activity of daily living [’TECHNOCRATS’] 24 hour [‘INNOVATION’]. Ascertain (synergy) satellites [‘THE INKWELL’] from (sub-orbital) inter-phasing.

SAGITTARIUS: [’FAIT ACCOMPLI’] and what we are [‘INDOCTRINATING’]? Secrets Amongst Cosmonauts [’SINFLATION’].

TAURUS: [’SUPER-ASYMMETRY’]? “Oppenheimer” approximation?

CANCER: According to the [’DOCTRINE’] synopsis (aperture) always living in the past (69) because [’RELATIVITY’]?

LIBRA: A [‘FREE MARKET’] place since balancing acts [‘LEGALIZED LOBBYING’] ? And when the [‘Moon is in the Seventh House’] acquiesce [‘FORCED SPIRIT FISSION’].

SCORPIO: Here and now (former times) a [‘HEALTH CRISIS’] for those who convey and revise (Free Spirit) allegations? [‘CLUB PARADISE’] advised (Literature) pontificate thinking [‘SHUTTER ISLAND’].

VIRGO: [’SIX DEGREES of SEPERATION’], “Quantum Gravity.”

LEO: A place where our [‘MINECRAFT’] parables [‘ILLUSIONS’]?

AQUARIUS: A place to escape [‘REDACTED’] constellations [‘INDOCTRINATION’].

GEMINI: [‘TIME’] doesn’t wait since space-time overindulge [’THE RULING CLASS’] indulgence and [‘THAT’S AMORE’].

PISCES: [‘LEAP YEAR’] symposium (Everyday Struggle) society. [’HUNGER FOR MORE’] on a collision [‘PSYCH EVALUATIONS’].